Dimitris Psarras: “Golden Dawn on Trial” (pdf)

golden_dawn_psarras(Text: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 9/2015)

After many years of bloody action on the streets, the leaders and officials of Golden Dawn are in the dock facing charges of directing and participating in a criminal organisation. No special legislation or political intervention was required. All that was needed was the state’s decision to allow the criminal code to be applied and the combining of dozens of case files on the activities of Golden Dawn’s hit squads. The representatives of the Nazi organisation like to talk about a “conspiracy” and “political persecution”. They deny any relationship with national socialism and any link to those Golden Dawn members caught committing criminal acts and misdemeanours. The usual opportunists are ready to support them, hoping they can make political gain by turning a blind eye to racism, violence and crime. However, the evidence against the organisation is so overwhelming that no one can now claim that “I did not know”.

Written by journalist Dimitris Psarras, this booklet examines the reasons why it took so long for the justice system to tackle Golden Dawn, the organisation’s activity after the 2012 elections in parliament and on the streets, and the line of defence it has adopted in the trial.

You can download the whole book, HERE.

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