Transcript and video of Patelis: “Everything that moves gets slaughtered, if Lagos says so”

patelis_oti_kineitai_sfazetai(This is the translated transcript of the video that was revealed today. Patelis is the leader of the local organisation of Nikea and a defendant for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and for directing a criminal organisation. Lagos is the Piraeus MP of Golden Dawn and a defendant for directing a criminal organisation. In the video, Patelis is talking to the Security force of the local organisation, preparing a pogrom against immigrants in Panagitsa, Nikea, back in 2012.)

Patelis: Can I say something?

There will be some messages to specific individuals for the 15th of the month in Panagitsa.

If I get the okay from Lagos.

If I don’t get it, we won’t do it.

If I get the okay, the message will come to you all.

We’ll go there like ordinary people … no Golden Dawn, no insignia or such things.

We’re going there to shop.

It will not be done as Golden Dawn. They will not give the order from above, from the headquarters.

Unknown: – Like in St. Panteleimonas Square?

Patelis: – There was no such thing there. In St. Panteleimonas it was different, guys, the circumstances were different, it was…

Unknown: – Why can’t we go as Christians?

Patelis: – No.

Unknown:Go as a group.

Patelis: – Let me tell you what I am getting at.

I will pose the issue of us going as Golden Dawn, and cleansing the place.

Simply as the Security, guys.

If we go like Golden Dawn, there is the issue of phone calls, and in the midst of the crowd not leaving children and ladies do the …

Unknown:There will be fear.

Patelis: – No, guys,this is not the issue.

If any cars pop up, whatever they are, I do not care, and there is a stand-off, people will leave the church and go home to hide.

We want Golden-Dawners in the street, not in their houses.

Unknown: – I have something else to suggest. Set up a response team, in advance.

Patelis:That’s what I wanted to say.

Some people will go to the church in civilian clothes,

and they will patrol.

Pretend that we sing, buy stuff and so on. And just when we get the okay, that something has been done, a group of 20-30 people will leave from here, fully equipped, with everything, and we will cleanse Panagitsa.

Nothing will be left standing. Nothing!

Everything that moves gets slaughtered.

Unknown: – Anything not moving is fine?

Patelis: – Again I tell you, this is my position, not the party line. I am waiting to get the line. There is a possibility that they will tell us that “you know what? Not only do nothing, but go home”. And you will tell me:Hey dude, I was thinking to go”. Because I’m a Golden Dawner and you and you and you and all of us, we have some experience. Golden Dawn has now entered our life, whatever we are told we must do.

If they tell me you should stay home, I will stay home. I can not go as an individual.

I’m not autonomous! I am in Golden Dawn.

Okay? So whatever line is put, we will follow it.

I learn, I ask, I get the answer and you get the message.

Cross yourself, for the message to be “YES”.


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